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Many Parents & Children have asked:

"How does YBNR put together the teams?"


Putting teams together is a huge challenge for YBNR.  Almost every season someone is really happy because their team is really good, while others are disappointed because their teams are less competitive.  It's difficult, in a league of our size to not have a couple of teams that turn out better or worse than average.  There are many factors that lead up to this.  For example, many kids grow physically from one season to another and improve to a shocking degree, upsetting the balance when their previous coach rated them.

YBNR asks all coaches to submit an evaluation which is used by coaches and commissioners to place children.  Every Spring we hold evaluations to do our best to see how children have developed in the off season.  In addition, we've developed specific steps which we ask our Commissioners to follow.  In general, there are two ways we put teams together.  Some divisions Draft teams and in some cases, commissioners put teams together. 


Updated "Move up" (Promotion) Policy

As most of you know, YBNR has often moved children up from one division up to the next division (PROMOTION).  This movement has always been governed by a number of factors, including parent request, skill evaluation and room in the division.  Recently, our Board has decided to update and clarify our policy with regard to these Promotions.  Here is the new policy:

  • Any request to be moved to a higher division must be made to the commissioner of the individual division
  • The child must have played at least 3 seasons in their division to be eligible to move up